Khloe will always be fat

Khloe Kardashian dreams of having kids with her pretend husband, Lamar Odom, but doesn’t want pregnancy weight to ruin that incredible body of hers. Incredible in a sense that she’s supposedly a lady, but is built like two genetically enhanced Austrian contestants from the World’s Strongest Man competition. Or, as Khloe would describe it, a house.

“Honestly, I just lost weight!” the E! reality star told us earlier today while she and sister Kim helped launch the Quick Trim diet line at a GNC in Los Angeles. “I want to be a skinny pregnant person, like how my sister Kourtney looks so cute pregnant. I can’t be a house [after] I just lost weight.”

Fear not, Khloe comes to her senses and admits her being fat is her fate.

“Well, I am always fat no matter how much weight I lose.”

She may have added something about her being overweight as the perspective of the tabloids and bloggers, and that she has a “strong sense of self esteem” or something or other. It was hard to follow the details while admiring her massive build. That Khloe is a magnificent beast.

  • “Man, fuck that guy” … why? Maybe WIlliams thought the reshoot was a good idea & so wanted to help it happen, but Wahlberg thought the whole reshoot was a colossal indulgence & so wanted to get paid for his work? Do you get upset every time you encounter someone with a different point of view?

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