Kim Kardashian wants to marry and have a baby

Kim Kardashian is hands down the best looking Kardashian with the most potential, but her sisters are the ones married and pregnant. Well, Kim won’t stand for this attention squelching. She wants those things too. This is why she’s back with Reggie Bush. Poor guy is nothing but a piece of meat. Sources say she’s already practicing being a mommy by picking up strangers babies. Which is just like motherhood I’m told.

A friend of the Kardashians tells Fox411 that with Khloe’s recent wedding to L.A. Laker Lamar Odom and Kourtney’s surprise pregnancy, Kim quickly found herself feeling down about her single status. Friends said she couldn’t help but feel a little envious of the new and exciting lives her sisters have and was surprised that she was left as the career woman.

I don’t know what Kim is so jealous about. Being fat for 9 months and then popping out a monster you have to take care of until death doesn’t sound very fun. Also, not being able to have sex with other people because you have a stupid ring on doesn’t sound fun either. As I see it, Kim is the lucky one. Successful, pretty and way more talented than her sisters. If it makes her feel better, the only reason Kourtney is pregnant is because she’s a dumbass and the only reason Khloe is married is because it’s not like she has a line of eligible bachelors waiting in the wings. Her marriage is more out of sheer desperation.

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13 years ago

“Well, Khloe won’t stand for this attention squelching.” I think you mean Kim. That is all.