Leona Lewis’ attacker was jealous

Leona Lewis’ attacker, Peter Kowalczyk, is an X Factor reject, which is the same show that made Leona a winner. If winner’s get punched in their faces by losers. Kowalczyk’s dad said his son auditioned for the X Factor, but it lead nowhere.  On top of being an aspiring singer, Kowalczyk is also bat s**t crazy. The Sun reports,

“The wannabe pop star’s mum Victoria lives with his dad Tomasz in a smart Brixton terrace. They confirmed their only child had a history of health problems, describing him as “very sick” and in need of full-time care.

He suffers from anaemia, which his parents said can affect his state of mind.”

Of course he suffers from the crazies.  Only a mentally deranged man would want to damage the perfect face of an international pop star such as Leona Lewis.  Speaking of, out of curiosity, I looked up the proper pronunciation of Kowalczyk and it came up as Chris Brown.  How weird is that, right?  Not very, because I made it up.

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14 years ago

This girl is truly ugly as F***