Leona Lewis was punched in the face

Some say punched others say slapped. Either way, a fan took the time to stand in line at a Leona Lewis signing in London and get his book signed before “smashing” Leona in the face. Five bouncers jumped on the guy while Leona was rushed out a side door and taken to the hospital. There doesn’t seem to be any major injuries aside from some bruising and police have already arrested the suspect.

Leona was utterly shocked and appalled as it came out of nowhere.

“The man queued up patiently, then as soon as she signed his book he smashed her in the face.

“He didn’t say anything to her and she is at a loss as to why anyone would do such an evil thing.

“She is devastated as she comes from quite a humble background and loves meeting her fans.

“She was doing a three-hour signing and planned to sign hundreds of books.” [The Sun]

At this point, there’s no word on what set the man off. Maybe he was standing in the wrong line. Like, when he got to the front, someone had to tell him the line for coffee was over there and before he realized what was going on, his new book was ruined with Leona’s signature. I’d be pretty pissed too.

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11 years ago

for such a *gasp* story about Leona. Your comedic brilliance in the end always seems to make me laugh my ass off. thank you. :)

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