Lindsay Lohan is a fashion maven

Lindsay Lohan debuted her collection for Ungaro over the weekend to a flurry of criticism. The consensus is that her clothes suck. Hobos could design a better dress. The fashion world has politely asked that she go back to acting, but the acting world has declared, “No take backs.” WWD had this to say,

“As for the clothes, they looked cheesy and dated, as has often been the case during chez Ungaro’s post-Emanuel revolving door of designers. Hot pink, orange and flashy, with an overworked heart motif relentless in its execution, the collection displayed none of the promised younger side Lohan was supposed to deliver. Nor in a million years would one guess that the lineup was designed by one young woman and ‘creative directed’ by another. Glitter heart pasties all around, ladies? For Lohan, she’ll weather the criticism, hardly her first or her juiciest, and move on when her contract allows. But Archs has her work cut out for her. Backstage after the show, she said the collection ‘had to be designed very quickly.’ Perhaps that was the problem. This storied house has been in disarray for years, and though Archs’ debut provided no indication that she’s up to the challenge, she should be given the chance to find out without a younger, non-skilled judge with theoretical veto power hovering about.”

The fact the clothes sucked didn’t seem to bother Lindsay as she walked the runway in her hooker inspired dress and licked her ridiculously plump lips. She looks 40. How anyone could mistake her for a 20-something is beyond me. She looks so withered and sad. Like Jennifer Aniston would in ten years after the ASPCA took her cats away because she started dressing them like Brad Pitt.

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