Lindsay Lohan is not happy

Nicole Richie, her girlfriend Joel Madden, and her boyfriend Samantha Ronson enjoyed a night out in the town at Playhouse Hollywood last Friday. According to Fox411, Nicole and Samantha’s playful night of dancing and drinking has left Lindsay Lohan none too pleased.

“When Lindsay found out that Sam was out with Nicole, she was not happy!” an insider tells Fox411, explaining that Lindsay and Nicole, once best friends, have grown apart in recent years. “Since Lindsay’s return to court last week, she has to be extra careful for probation, and [hearing about] Sam out with Nicole hurt her.”

Bravo to Lindsay for being sober long enough to comprehend her jealousy, but I wouldn’t worry about Nicole being around Samantha. By the looks of Joel, it’s obvious Nicole is into the ladies. And by the looks of Samantha, its obvious she could take T.R. Knight down in a sword fight. And by sword, I mean penis.  And by fight, I mean sex.

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