Lindsay Lohan trying a reality tv show?

See? The title is in a form of a question because even I do not know the answer. After being dropped by her record label, Casablanca Records, Lindsay Lohan resorted to working for free for Ungaro fashion house. She even paid for her own flight and hotel. Although, that didn’t hurt too bad because Lindsay took $100,000 worth of clothes. Times are tough for the Lohan. So much so that reports are coming in that she may have signed on to do a reality tv series.

“She was being followed by a camera crew wherever she went,” a witness claimed. “We saw them filming her at the Vogue party and a bunch of other clubs around Paris.”

The best part about Lindsay being in her own reality tv series is that she’s always camera ready. Just look at her at the Rock The Kasbah event on Monday. Who wouldn’t want to watch that on tv? The weathered skin, the uneven tan, the drug induced coma, the “where am I, what’s going on” look of confusion. So sexy.

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