Mel Gibson gets record expunged

Remember when Mel Gibson got loaded, made a series of incendiary, anti-Semitic remarks, and called a female officer “sugartits“? Sure you do. I certainly do, because if you were in the mock-the-rich-and-famous business, those were halcyon days, my friend. Anyhow, some killjoy judge is trying to reverse space and time or something because now it turns out Mel’s criminal record will be wiped clean of all those vodka-fuelled shenanigans. Oh, well. I guess that changes everything:

In a brief hearing held at the Oscar winner’s request, a judge agreed to expunge Gibson’s drunk-driving conviction. The initial arrest made headlines when the star was reported to have made anti-Semitic comments to a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy.

“He does not appear to be on any sort of probation or facing any similar charges,” Judge Lawrence J. Mira said as a videographer for a celebrity news website taped the proceeding. “So I will grant the petition and sign the order.” Mira noted that the charge is “still valid for gun control purposes.”

Wait a second. Even after all this drinking and race-baiting, it’s still possible Mel Gibson could have access to firearms? Dear God, man. I’d feel more comfortable giving Amon Goeth an Uzi.

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