Michelle Trachtenberg fail

Actresses think they’re entitled to everything just because they read lines from a script someone else wrote for them. They should think again because people in the real world just don’t care. Like this 5’7” (not sure why her height is important but Page Six thinks it is) brunette who Michelle tried to steal a cab from in New York.

The woman, who works for a hedge fund, says she was getting in the cab when Trachtenberg ran up shouting, “Excuse me, what do you think you are doing? That’s my cab!” “I was very surprised,” said the woman. “I had liked her in ‘Harriet the Spy’ when she seemed to be a sweet kid. But the girl that approached me was just another entitled, spoiled actress. I got in the cab anyway be cause of her attitude. My response to her was, ‘This ain’t Hollywood, kid!’ That made her even angrier, and she flipped me the bird.”

If they were in LA, the woman would have apologized profusely and laid down on the ground to be a rug for Michelle to wipe her feet on before she got in the cab. Those damn New Yorkers. So rude.