Michelle Trachtenberg fail

Actresses think they’re entitled to everything just because they read lines from a script someone else wrote for them. They should think again because people in the real world just don’t care. Like this 5’7” (not sure why her height is important but Page Six thinks it is) brunette who Michelle tried to steal a cab from in New York.

The woman, who works for a hedge fund, says she was getting in the cab when Trachtenberg ran up shouting, “Excuse me, what do you think you are doing? That’s my cab!” “I was very surprised,” said the woman. “I had liked her in ‘Harriet the Spy’ when she seemed to be a sweet kid. But the girl that approached me was just another entitled, spoiled actress. I got in the cab anyway be cause of her attitude. My response to her was, ‘This ain’t Hollywood, kid!’ That made her even angrier, and she flipped me the bird.”

If they were in LA, the woman would have apologized profusely and laid down on the ground to be a rug for Michelle to wipe her feet on before she got in the cab. Those damn New Yorkers. So rude.

  • Dank

    Its no secret that since Michelle joined the cast of GG she’s become a raging bitch that thinks the world owes her something. My guess is she learned it from Sarah Michelle Gellar.

  • LA Girl

    If she were in LA nobody would have noticed or cared. Not to mention she wouldn’t have been taking a cab.

  • Jason

    Michelle who?

    Yea, she was great in……um……….Eurotrip

  • jer

    the woman was a hedge fund manager i don’t think she’s in a position to call an actress spoiled and entitled

  • April

    hahaha thumbs up to Jason.

  • Fig

    I don’t think Michelle whatever is a great talent to defend or anything, but it seems totally plausible that Ms. Hedge Fund Manager didn’t notice Michelle originally hailing the cab, hence the “That’s my cab.” Or it can be a dramatic story. Occam’s Razor suggests Ms. Hedge Fund Manager may have been a dumb a bitch.

  • Kevin

    Well it’s possible she did this, but it’s also possible this hedge fund manager tried to jump the line at one of those cab stands and Michelle put her in her place.

  • mollination

    OH THAT’S AWESOME! Finally someone handles the entitled hollywood situation properly.

  • hotmama

    She looks like a NY jewbitch to me. Why all the Hwood bashing? Jealous much?

  • Flemish Blemish Fan

    I think it would have been funny if it was really Del Griffith’s cab…he would have offered Michele a hotdog and a beer for her trouble. (Or at least some shower curtain earrings…)

    And by the way, why does it have anything to do with religion hotmama? Are you just LOOKING for any excuse to bash a jew? What if she were black, wouldyou be calling her the N-word? How about if she were asian? And so on. In short, fuck you hotmama.

  • hotmama

    Dear Flemish Blemish Fan. You’re a fucking dick licking oriental. Suck on that fucking racist.

  • j

    FU hotmamma,you piece of crap

  • emptyaddy

    Because in the real (rest of the) world it is well known that Los Angeles isn’t even a real city. It exists as it stands due to a gold/land rush some 9000 years ago, and a single product (Hollywood) that could be manufactured anywhere once people realize that mainstream entertainment can be made outside an area that’s 90 degrees and sunny everyday. Seriously, let’s come to honest terms and say out loud what we all already think. Time to move away and leave the land that literally sets itself on fire. The only thing LA would be good for is to watch the splendor from Colorado that the overkill amount of foreign ICBMs would make destroying basically 3 slightly tall buildings in a desert.

  • Felix

    Trachtenberg is not acting at all, she is a bitch in real life. Recently photographed her during an interview and her entire demeanor is that of a bitch…each and every living breathing second. And that’s the truth. Too bad a 25 year can be that warped. Hate to see her at 50.

  • Annwn Estrie

    To be fair, it’s possible the HFM jumped line at a cab stand, or that MT had called for the cab.

    There are always sides to the story.

  • Repoed2

    I don’t beleive it, the hedge fund manager is full of shit. In a situation like that, who actually thinks to deliver a line so perfectly cheesy as “This ain’t Hollywood kid.”

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