Mistrial declared in John Travolta extortion case

After the death of his son, a paramedic tried to blackmail John Travolta with a document he signed which stated that he wanted his son to be transferred to Florida for treatment instead of at the local hospital in the Bahams. Laughably, it was irrelevant to the death of his son. Travolta has been testifying in this extortion trial for almost four weeks. A ruling was supposed to come down any minute, but a Bahamian judge declared a mistrial after the verdict was leaked. PEOPLE reports:

Senior Supreme Court Judge Anita Allen declared a mistrial because of juror misconduct following an announcement from a local politician that one of the defendants had been acquitted – before the jurors came back with their verdict. Allen ordered a retrial, but did it remains unclear when, if ever, the case will be retried.

“This came out of the clear blue; this was so weird,” Mike Ossi, one of Travolta’s Florida lawyers told PEOPLE.

A retrial was ordered and John will have to testify again. But this time, probably with more fist pounding on tables and “order in the courts”. At least I hope so. I like all my celebrity trials to be filled with shocking revelations.

[Nassau, Bahamas, September 23. Image via Splash News]

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