Model Filippa Hamilton fired by Ralph Lauren for being too fat

Ralph Lauren has been the center of controversy ever since people found an ad they released only in Japan which featured a model re-touched to be impossibly thin. Now, the model in the ad, Filippa Hamilton, says she was fired for being fat and unable to fit their clothes. Ralph Lauren could do nothing but issue an apology, but they made sure to call Filippa fat in a nice way.

Polo Ralph Lauren said in a statement Tuesday night that Filippa is a “beautiful and healthy” woman but their relationship ended “as a result of her inability to meet the obligations under her contract with us.”

“The image in question was mistakenly released and used in a department store in Japan and was not the approved image which ran in the U.S. We take full responsibility,” the statement said. “This error has absolutely no connection to our relationship with Filippa Hamilton.”

I believe Ralph Lauren’s exact words during her termination may have been less formal. “Get out of here fatty fat fat fat,” is probably the verbiage they used. They also most likely did a lot of “skinny people go like this… and fat people go like this…” jokes to illustrate their point causing Filippa to sob and wheeze her way to the door.

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