Mo’Nique just wants the cheddah

Comedian Mo’Nique could win an Oscar for her performance in the much buzzed about Precious, a film backed by both Tyler Perry and Oprah. However, she probably won’t even win a free buffet if she keeps acting like a diva. Mo’Nique was slated to appear at the New York Film Festival to promote the film, but no-showed. She also no-showed at the Toronto Film Festival after being denied a $100,000 appearance fee.

In stark contrast, the films other stars, Mariah Carey and Gabby Sidibe, showed up for both. Although, Mariah was 30 minutes late, but whatever. The point is even Mariah Carey was smart enough to show up and she’s the type of diva that requires a bowl of purple M&M’s in her dressing room even though they don’t exist. Oh, but Mo’Nique won’t even show and wants her “glam squad” to fly first cast. She’s a big star now. Such a big star that not even Oprah could deflate her ego.

According to our snitch, exasperated studio chiefs suggested that executive producer Oprah Winfrey get involved to deflate Mo’Nique’s substantial ego, but even O couldn’t stop the actress from seeing green.

“Mo’Nique said she signed on to do this film for a small amount of money. She said she didn’t care about ‘no Oscar’ – all that mattered was ‘those Benjamins!’ Because Oprah and Tyler Perry are backing the film, she feels as though there should be a budget to pay for her promotional duties,” the source explains.

But the star’s attitude is starting to work against her. Winfrey and Tyler have reportedly instructed Lionsgate to put their promotional machine behind fellow stars Mariah Carey and Gabby Sidibe for the Oscar race.

Mo’Nique responded:

“When people say, ‘You care more about money than winning an Oscar,’ well, what does an Oscar mean? An Oscar means more work when you win it, and that means more money!” retorts Mo’Nique in response to the allegations. “I couldn’t eat that Oscar. Everybody needs money, baby. That’s how we survive, right?”

Surprise, surprise. Mo’Nique worked in something about eating the Oscar. I bet she’d be real happy to win that Oscar if it was made of pure chocolate. Her acceptance speech would probably consist of her shedding a single tear and biting the head off the statue.

[Image: Splash News]

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13 years ago

mo’nique is just fat and nasty!

13 years ago
Reply to  detroitl0ve

Mo’Nique is not fat, she’s thick. She’s not nasty,she just has a bad swagger!Don’t hate, Mo’Nique is P.H.A.T-PRETTY,HOT AND THICK! Haters are our motivators!!!! It don’t matter if you call her fat,her pockets is fat too, with money you’ll never have. You’ll probably living from pay check to pay check! Now that’s what you call nasty!

st louis veronica
st louis veronica
13 years ago

She may be fat but not nasty…..