Nancy Grace makes fun of Jon Gosselin’s earrings

Day two of female Bill O’Reily screaming at Jon Gosselin begins. Today, Nancy Grace yells at him for ending Jon and Kate because they cut him out of the show. Jon claims that’s not the case, but Nancy doesn’t believe it. After much bickering over whether or not Jon is broke, Nancy quips, “I can see that. You got on two diamond earrings. You’re obviously not broke.” Jon shot back, “Actually they’re cz’s (cubic zirconium).” To which Nancy says she doesn’t care. Oh, real mature Nancy.

It sounds like she’s trying to get information out of a terrorist. I’m still waiting for the episode where Nancy snaps her fingers and two men come up from behind Jon to waterboard him and then Jon looks up to god and thanks him for drowning out Nancy’s yapping.