Nancy Grace skewers Jon Gosselin

Jon Gosselin is on The Insider tonight and if you like uncomfortableness and awkwardness, then you should watch because Nancy Grace rips into Jon making the interview those two things.

In the preview, Grace insinuates that Jon is a little girl for bringing his lawyer. ‘Dem fightin’ words! When asked about how Jon’s children have been affected, Jon ends up talking about his father and how he wants to break the pattern. Nancy then verbally stomps on Jon’s balls for turning the conversation on himself again when he was supposed to talk about his kids. It almost looks like Jon is about to cry. Nancy should have followed that up with, “Baby gonna cry? Baby gonna cry?” This was devolving into a playground beating anyway.

  • chewy

    He looked like a deer in headlights. He shoulda said it’s not abt. me, but I’m relating my experience to my children. And talk about argumentative. Nancy was doing all the hottin’ and hollerin’ in that clip.

  • Syd

    Talk about emasculating. That was beautiful. She might as well have ripped his balls off and stomped on them.

  • Laura

    sheesh. awkwarrrrrd.

  • anony

    Nancy Grace is the female Spencer Pratt when it comes to douchebaggery.

  • ellen

    Nancy Grace is bizarre. That was the rudest interaction I have ever seen. That wasn’t interviewing, questioning, or anyting.

    She acted like an unprofessional bully.

  • kelley

    rude or not..its about time someone rips into his ass..he has children to take care of. 8 OF THEM!! Forget your crazy girlfriend, your obvious need for attention, the paparazzi and focus ON YOUR KIDS!

  • Anne

    Nancy skews the facts to fit her version of a “sensational” story. She negates to mention that Kate on the Today show is blubbering over missing money and can’t pay her bills and in the next breath discusses buying a new ring with mother of pearl and eight diamonds to replace her wedding band!!! Kate’s nails were well manicured, she was tan, hair done, etc. Boo hoo, but she can’t pay her bills. Yet, Nancy brings up all of Jon’s short comings. Not fair and unbaised reporting. I think ole’ Nancy has had her day, I am sorry she no longer presents the facts and discusses the legal issues. It is now more about skewing the information to get the entertainment value. So much for “Lady Justice”.

  • Sandra

    You can be certain that Nancy Grace would’ve been just as hard on Kate if she were the one sitting in front of her. And…DUH! The interview wasn’t about Kate! Isn’t it refreshing that for once somebody interviewed this guy and didn’t let him squirm his way around the issues? Whether or not you like Nancy Grace has nothing to do with the fact that a confrontation like this was LONG overdue and I’m glad somebody finally cornered him into accepting some responsibility!

  • Annie

    Just because CNN mandates Nancy Grace into her weekly therapy sessions, Nancy wants everyone else to be in therapy also. Looks like she got tore up pretty good in that interview. At least she’s consistant at getting tore up, she hasn’t won an arguement yet, at least according to the facts. :)

  • GinaD

    You know Nancy Grace should shut the hell up sometimes. She is not in that man’s house, doesn’t have a clue to his and his wife’s problems or cares. She has turned into the essence of Fishwife. Hey, I applaud the man for doing what he did. Apparently, Nancy has never been a victim of verbal abuse. If so, she would take a step back. Kate is not the innocent little victim here. She knows how to work her audience.

    The kids do need therapy, though. And that is what Jon was saying. HE was also trying to tell Ms. Grace that he wasn’t a professional and that the only point of view he could speak from was his own…Course, she jumped on his neck and like his wife, took a slice from the man’s hard won confidence. Great goin’ counselor!

  • pdibartt

    he knew what he was getting into when he agreed to go on her show…she just says what most of us are thinking,=..if he didnt do anything wrong he would have have been better with the answers..God Bless those little ones..thats what the whole things about and they seem to like mommy better because they know they can count on her and she puts them first…someone needed to tell him to grow up…if he didnt like the way she was treating him he is a man and has a mouth..theres help out there for problems like that…and just maybe if they took the kids to church they would have a common ground<3

  • Ruth

    First of all I think Jon and Kate are probably the worse parents I’ve ever seen. I watched the show when it first came out, after two shows, I never watched again. She was putting him down or yelling at him and it just was bizzare. I think Jon is looking for someone to respect him, whether or not it is his fame, or money. Kate needs to really go back and re think why she had all of those kids. I think she was hoping to get a show or a handout.
    She should go in front of Nancy Grace also, but I doubt she has the guts. She won’t get by with her lies then.

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