Nicole and Joel might be married

Sources have revealed to RadarOnline that Nicole Richie and her Good Charlotte boyfriend, Joel, may have secretly tied the knot on Wednesday. The sources shared Nicole has been “talking more seriously about marriage since the tragic death of her long term boyfriend, Adam Goldstein”. In other words, guess there’s no chance of getting back with her more talented boyfriend, so why not Joel? Nicole’s reps have not responded to these claims because they forgot she was their client since she’s so incredibly boring.

Once upon a time, there existed a Nicole that would’ve gotten a DUI followed by her marrying someone of lesser fame after a month long courtship. ┬áThe old Nicole would’ve done this all while being considered the fat and ugly girl next to her more famous, ultra slutty, less fat best friend. If only there were a woman like that today to keep us entertained. Khloe Kardashian almost fits the criteria except she’s not a woman.

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