Nicole Richie in a car accident

Nicole Richie was rear-ended by paparazzi in Beverly Hills on Monday. Her frail, malnourished body could barely handle the crash. Richie complained of pain and told responding officers that she’d seek her own medical attention. Luckily, Richie’s kids were not in the car. The driver who caused the accident is being arrested and booked for being unlicensed and for also being a pain in the ass.

“Ms. Richie was driving with a passenger around 2 p.m. when she was struck by two photographers driving in one vehicle behind her,” said Lt. Tony Lee of the Beverly Hills Police. “She complained of pain … Her car sustained moderate damage. No paramedics were called to the scene.”

He added: “She told officers she was going to seek her own medical treatment, so it’s unknown if she’s headed to a hospital or not.” [PEOPLE]

No word on whether Nicole actually drove to the hospital or floated there after a light breeze picked her up into the air. Joel Madden wasn’t available for comment because he was busy putting on his face.

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