Pamela Anderson is sad

People in the UK are kind of weird. Case in point: They did a documentary on Pamela Anderson called Pamela Anderson: At Home with Joe. In the interview, Pamela says she cries every time she visits her partly-renovated house which has left her $5 million in debt and sued by five construction companies who claim she owes them $1 million. Pamela cries, “I’m going to sell it. I hate it. People commit suicide over constructions. Relationships break down over constructions and I can see why. It rips your heart out.”

Pamela promises she has the money to pay off the debt, but says she still has to decide if their invoices are “fair.” She also concedes that the recession and a series of bad investments have severely affected her bank account.

You start to feel sorry for Pamela until they start filming around the house and she starts explaining all the renovations she’s doing. One of them is a pool area with platinum tiles. “This is where the magic happens. I’m tiling the floor with platinum – that’s expensive,” says Pamela. Later on Pamela whines, “I’m a little girl with two kids – how could you screw me?”

Oh, boo hoo. Maybe you should have thought of that before tiling your floor out of Cartier jewelry and lining your toilet bowl with gold trim or whatever the hell you plan to do. I hear plebeian tile is much less expensive. Try that. Then again, maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe we should all pity the poor celebrity with two kids who can’t tile her floor with platinum like all the other rich people. Call the waahmbulance. And that little girl with two kids line only works when you’re demure and humble and not forcing kids to hold up your dress during awards ceremonies.

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14 years ago


Poor Pam, Crying in my gruel…..
I mean …. shouldnt EVERYONE have PLATINUM TILES???


Hope she ends up on skid row….. DESERVES IT !!!