Pamela Anderson used a child slave

Hey, looks like someone did check into those child labor laws (photos here). Page Six says Pamela Anderson shocked guests at the Hollywood Style Awards over the weekend by having a 9-year-old she pretended was her daughter hold her dress up the entire night and answer to her beck and call like a lap dog. Apparently that’s not socially acceptable.

“People were genuinely shocked.

“She didn’t even have her own seat and had to sit at Pamela’s feet, where people nearly stepped on her to get to the stage. The girl looked uncomfortable and kept tugging on her dress to get her attention, but Pamela waved her away.

“Pamela was telling people it was her daughter,” the attendee said. “And, after she presented David LaChapelle with an award onstage, she shouted ‘daughter’ in front of the whole auditorium, and slapped her leg like she was calling a puppy. The girl rushed up to grab her train.”

Adelaide is the daughter of makeup artist to the stars Sharon Gault, who was believed to be at the event.

But Adelaide looked nervous as she was forced to carry Anderson’s dress up the red carpet, then backstage, and when the star made a dramatic exit two hours later.

Oh, please. This kid should feel blessed to be holding up the dress of this big star. Pamela was once on Baywatch, you know. Baywatch! Do you know how many other 9-year-olds would kill for this job?

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14 years ago

Pamela looks ridiculous..that dress is being held together with safety pins….

14 years ago

Pam Anderson is an idiot. SHe cares way more for animals than she does for people. I think PETA should dump her. Her only fame comes from showing her body which has aged considerably. She is disgusting.

Someone else
Someone else
14 years ago

She’s ungly.
Narco doesnt help.
Not smart at all.