Paris Hilton is a surprise

Fame and excess. That pretty much describes the life of Paris Hilton. For example, on Saturday in her Beverly Hills mansion, she threw a birthday party for boyfriend Doug Reinhardt which included acts from Three 6 Mafia and Ya Boy and guests included Kristanna Lokena nd Hayden Panettiere. Home videos of Paris and Doug played on screens throughout the house and everyone partied until 3 a.m. inside the nightclub Paris constructed in her mansion. For my birthday, I turned the lights off while I sang Happy Birthday to myself in front of a cupcake with a single used candle.

Paris also surprised Doug by popping out of a cake in a hot pink costume and black diamond mask. Sounds dangerous as I’d imagine this would happen when people saw a diseased wonky-eyed socialite jumping out at them. Hopefully no one ate the cake either or else the CDC is going to have a busy week.

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