Pete Wentz is retarded

Last night, Pete Wentz confirmed what everyone already knew. He’s an idiot and his baby is doomed. Wentz was out with Gabriel Saporta of Cobra Starship when he lost a gentleman’s bet and had to tattoo Gabriel’s face on his leg. He Tweeted:

my head hurts. i was buzzed lightyear last night. followed thru on a gentlemens bet w/@gabrielsaporta now i have 1 more bad tattoo.

He looks like an even bigger dumbass. Bronx is probably freaking out right now wondering what he’s going to do when Pete runs out of space on his body. He probably has a knife hidden under the pillow in his crib just in case. Make no mistake. Bronx will cut a bitch.

  • rt

    u guys are all wrong. this article is stupid. this website is stupid. YOU are the retarded one. do u even know what that means? it means slow, slow to learn. stop insulting people if u don’t use the right choice of words.

    • FIVE0

      Hey douche, why don’t you run home to your mommy and have her give you your blankie so you can jack-off to emo videos.

  • c2422131

    Pete Wentz is retarded? WRONG!!

    Pete Wentz is EXTREMELY, HOPELESSLY retarded.

  • Brooke

    Yeah… that’s a leg.

    • Sorry. His skinny girl-like limbs confused me. Fixed.

  • tom

    it seems he’s so dumb he mistook his leg to be an arm, too?

  • mike

    calling people retarded when they’re not is just wrong. people with special needs deserve the same respect you want. instead you mock them. That either makes you a bully or a 7th grader.

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