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Thinking about Pink in a dressing room conjures up images of muscular female bodybuilder types walking around naked and me hunched over a toilet dry heaving. Which is why reading this was so disconcerting. Pink wrote on her Twitter, “So awkward, standing naked in a women’s dressing room while the staff ask for autographs.” Ugh. Please, leave Pink alone so we don’t have to read stuff like this.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to even hear about Pink naked either. Add frogs to that list. During a bike trip through Australia with Carey Hart, a source said, “They were relieving themselves by the road when a frog jumped up and hit Pink bang in the eyes. She freaked.” Poor frog. It was probably disorientated when Pink popped a squat over it. Little guy didn’t know where he was hopping to during his momentary blindness.

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14 years ago

wow!!! these are so hott!!!!!!

14 years ago

I understand that is your job to write articles etc, but is it really that necessary to write such hatred? Pink is and amazing woman, and Carey is a top notch guy, I’ve met them both, and neither of them deserve what you write about them. As for the poor frog, I doubt it was injured while jumping on her. The thought of pink being naked disgusts you? For your information, she is actually very petite. Carey’s not that big either, and in my opinion, strength isn’t anything people should be ashamed of, male or female. I’m small myself, I’d… Read more »