Polanski trying to finish new movie in jail

Don’t let a little thing like incarceration slow down you creative endeavors, quitter. Roman Polanski sure isn’t:

“The film will be finished,” Henning Molfenter, head of production at Studio Babelsberg and a co-producer on “The Ghost,” told The Hollywood Reporter. “We will meet all our deadlines and all of our obligations with distributors.”

Polanski had already delivered a rough cut of the film — an adaptation of the Robert Harris best-seller, a political thriller — before his September arrest in Zurich on a decades-old sex charge. Post-production has continued as the director continues to fight extradition to the United States. While Polanski’s contact with the outside world is limited, it is believed he is being kept up to date with developments and is able to communicate via telephone with editor Herve du Luze and others involved with the project.

We’ll see if American prison life will slow down Mr. Polanki’s commitment to his craft. Call me cynical, but I think a creepy, geriatric French pedophile with a bloated sense of self-entitlement might not have such an easy time in institutions that regularly schedule “anal rape” around “arts and crafts time” and “working out.”

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