Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian, mostly Lamar, are gonna have a lot of them. While eating on Saturday night, Khloe suggested to Lamar that they get matching tattoos. The normal reaction to that is a look of amused bewilderment and asking Khloe, “wouldn’t that be, you know, permanent?” The atypical reaction is what they did which is go to a tattoo parlor and have each others initials inked on the web of their hands. Khloe has “LO” on hers and Lamar has “KO” (Khloe Odom) on his.

Okay, “KO” is actually pretty awesome if not for that girly handwriting. If they ever divorce, Lamar can tell everyone he has that tattoo because his fists are like dynamite and he’ll knock you out in one punch so you better stop reminding him he was married to that monster. Khloe’s on the other hand. That’s just another in a string of bad tattoo decisions. She explains on her blog:

I’m definitely a believer in tattoos as long as they are thoughtful and have significant meaning, which all of mine do. On my wrist I have “I love you” in my father’s handwriting and on my lower back I have a cross and angel wings with “Daddy” written above it in honor of my father and now I have my husband’s initials “LO”. Tattoos are something you’ll have for the rest of your life so it’s important to get one that truly means something to you.

Let me get this straight. Khloe has a tramp stamp of angel wings with “Daddy” to honor her father. I’m sure daddy must feel real honored when guys are banging her from behind 3 inches below that thing.

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12 years ago

He should’ve gotten “KKK” tattooed. her middle name starts with a “K”.

12 years ago
Reply to  Laura

now THAT would be funny. clayton bigby anyone?

12 years ago

3 inches? That’s being extremely generous. Remember, this is a Kardashian ass you’re talking about!

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