Roman Polanski denied bail again

Roman Polanski can’t take a hint. A Swiss court has denied him bail for the second time. They say he’s a high flight risk. An utterly preposterous notion since he’s never ran from the law before. Oh, wait. Yes he has.

The court won’t even let him out on bail even if he hands over his passport and reports to police daily. They cite that he’s well connected (see: big Hollywood actors who thinks he didn’t rape-rape that girl) and has a number of private jets and helicopters. Plus, his dual citizenship guarantees he’ll receive new travel documents easily.

“The court considered the risk that Roman Polanski might flee if released from custody as high,” the ruling read.

“The detention of the accused during the entire extradition proceedings is the rule. This allows Switzerland to meet the obligations of its extradition treaties.”

I have an alternate proposition that may satisfy both the Swiss courts and Polanski. Surgically attach a GPS tracker to his brain stem so any attempt at removal will kill him and nail a 50 pound brick to each of his feet. But do this while he’s sleeping and/or unconscious. I’m fairly certain this would be a win-win for all concerned parties.

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