Ryan Jenkins’ suicide note found

Police have discovered a page-and-a-half long letter which they believe to be Ryan Jenkins‘ suicide note. No word on whether the title “Last Will and Testament” gave it away or not. The Buena Park Police Department says the note was written on Jenkins’ computer three days before he was found dead at the Thunderbird Motel in Canada.

In the letter, Jenkins apologizes to friends and family for the pain he caused him. He also blames Fiore for the predicament he was in. Clearly, if Jasmine hadn’t slept around with former boyfriends, Ryan wouldn’t have been forced to strangle her, cut off her fingers, pull out her teeth, stuff her in a suitcase and throw her in the trash at the park.

However, Jenkins made no mention of Fiore’s death or that he was a suspect in the letter. Sgt. William Kohanek tells PEOPLE that, “The lack of acknowledging that he’d just lost his wife speaks volumes.”

You know what else speaks volumes? Killing his wife and then mutilating her body so badly that police had to identify her through breast implants. But certainly not as loudly as ignoring the fact his wife was dead in a letter. Obviously.

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14 years ago

He looks like a fatter Mark Hoppus of Blink 182.