Taylor Swift is on a date

Ruh roh Taylor Swiftinites (do those exist?). Taylor Swift, 19, and Taylor Lautner, 17, went on another date, this time to Ruth’s Chris steakhouse in LA. This isn’t good news for you and your 24×24 collage of when you and Taylor almost met. Looks like now she won’t even have time to look at it and think you’re a big weirdo. It’s going straight into the trash. You won’t even have the satisfaction of receiving a temporary restraining order because she won’t have time. How will she know you exist?

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Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
11 years ago

wtf! 9:15, jump and fall into me. yeh, i felt it, i was asleep and i heard the voice. it was nice. damn, it was nice!!!

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