Tila Tequila suffers public meltdown, almost tries to kill herself

A little background on this. Tila Tequila became a celebrity by making a lot of friends on MySpace. This had the distinction of being really stupid both in hindsight and in foresight.

In September, Tila Tequila and Shawn Merriman of the San Diego Chargers had a domestic disturbance problem where Tila claimed Shawn choked her and Shawn claimed he was merely preventing her from drunk driving.

Fast forward to early October 5 when Tila started acting suicidal on Twitter. She posted updates vowing to kill herself in two weeks.

“It woulda been tonite I ended my life, but my friend caught me and stopped me. So I told him I will give him two more weeks. No one can stop me.”

“I am not depressed or unhappy! My life is amazing. It’s not about that though! Like I said, God spoke to me and told me I am needed up there.”

“Say wut u want. At least i care enough 2 tell u that u have 2 more weeks w me here So enjoy it. Appreciate it Now that u know im gone soon”, “Did u know 5 years ago i drowned myself in a bathtub and the ambulance and police came just in time to bring me back to life”, and “Goodnight everyone. Please take care of each other and dont take life for granted … i am going to sleep now … i wont be on twitter nemore”.

Oh, but is she really going to go through with it? Of course not. Dead people aren’t famous for very long and it’s hard for someone four feet tall to reach the pills in the medicine cabinet.

Rather than pretend it never happened, however, Tila addressed the public meltdown blaming it on having to keep quiet about the Shawn Merriman incident and the PTSD it caused which eventually made her isolated and withdrawn.

Recently I was involved in a highly publicized case of Domestic Violence, and I have never really spoken out about it. I do not want to bring this up again, however it has been a very difficult situation for me. Not being able to speak to people about it in public, and having to pretend to move on (with life) as though nothing ever happened, has taken a heavy toll on me, physically, as well as mentally. It has been a tough recovery process and I try to take it all in day by day because dealing with all of this in the public eye, and getting scrutinized by the media can be very hurtful. I have tried my best to stay strong and try to move on with my life, but because of the post traumatic stress that I have suffered from that incident, and the tremendous amount of pressure from the media scrutiny, I finally had a public meltdown. [Full response at Global Grind]

Tila now realizes suicide is “the coward’s way out” and that she has a lot to live for. Whew. Crisis averted. Hopefully you all learned a valuable lesson from this. You have? Good. Can you tell me what that is? Because I’m stumped. Is the message “chocolate”? I bet it’s “chocolate” isn’t it?

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