TLC is suing

Radar said yesterday TLC was ending Jon & Kate Plus 8 in November. They’re currently taking whatever footage they have and squeezing as many shows out of it as possible. Although, if Jon changes his mind about his kids being filmed, TLC will continue with Kate Plus 8.

Today, TLC filed a lawsuit against Jon Gosselin for breach of contract. They claim they’ve been trying for months to get Jon to honor his contract and make obligated public appearances and statements. So far that hasn’t worked out very well.

TLC has hired Williams & Connolly to represent them while Jon has Mark Heller. According to Radar, that’s like putting a peasant with a stick up against a three-headed fire breathing dragon.

By the end of this, TLC is going to own all eight children. What they do with them is anybody’s guess. I suggest selling them into slavery to recoup their losses. Kids are stupid anyway. You have to feed and clothe them. Sounds like a lot of work. Let them be someone else’s problem.

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