Tom Cruise visits Harvard Law

Tom Cruise might be nuts, but he has played an attorney on film, so that means he can swing by a Harvard law lecture and offer his own contributions, right? Sure, why not. Consequences, expertise, merit—pfffft. Those are for the little people.

According to Harvard Law Record blogger Jessica Corsi, Cruise popped into celebrity attorney Bertram Fields’ guest lecture in professor Bruce Hay’s entertainment-law class. After announcing he had never heard his buddy lecture before, Cruise took a seat in the back of the class at Langdell South and even participated in the two-hour discussion.

Apparently, Fields, who is a 1952 Crimson alum, and Cruise are quite tight in Tinseltown. Hence, Tom’s appearance.

“Throughout his discussion, Fields would refer questions back to Tom, and Cruise would also interject his own experiences,” Corsi blogged. “He spoke about tabloid magazines . . . working with director Stanley Kubrick and the business of how the ratings on movies get set in the U.S. as opposed to Europe.”

The students, were, of course, blown away.

And why wouldn’t they be? After all, a room full of ultra-privileged poindexters getting keen, real-life insights from some kind of famous Hollywood space-dwarf–that’s a quality teachable moment right there. They don’t get s**t this awesome at Yale, I tell ya.

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