Whitney Houston’s wardrobe malfunction

Whitney Houston brought her cracked out voice to X Factor on Sunday and “sang herself out of her clothes.” During her performance of “Million Dollar Bill” (her first UK TV appearance in 12 years), the back of Houston’s dress snapped open. She shrugged and continued to screech her way through the song.

The following mini-interview was equally as painful as her performance. Turns out Whitney doesn’t know when her album is coming out. In fact, it almost sounds like she doesn’t know what an album is. (Ablum?) It looks like the only reason she showed up is because someone told her that if she sang on the show, a bunch of money would rain down from the sky and they’d let her pick it up afterward. It’s not clear whether or not they told her it was fake money. No worries though. She’ll find out when she goes to pay her dealer.

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11 years ago

Wow…she’s a wreck. She looked so confused while talking to the host. And what the he** are those dancers wearing?

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