Ashlee wants you to stop making fun of Jessica

Ashlee Simpson has come to her sister’s defense. She says you should stop calling Jessica fat because she has an incredible body. She fails to go into more detail because she didn’t want to burst out laughing. Ashlee says in the December issue of Women’s Health,

“My sister has an incredible body. I feel sorry for anyone who would judge her, because she’s one sexy lady. It’s disgusting that people would say those things.”

Ashlee is right. Sort of. Jessica looks like hell now only if you compare present Jessica to past Jessica. But that’s the point. If no one ever compared anything, people would be masturbating to the Jenna Jameson of today instead of digging around in their collection to find a DVD of her 15 years ago. And that’s not a world I’d want to live in.

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Flemish Blemish Fan
Flemish Blemish Fan
12 years ago

Jessica is HOT HOT HOT. Smoking hot to be exact.

Not sure how anyone could think that she isn’t a walking barbie doll. SO HOT.

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