Carmen Electra has a viral sex tape

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Hey, anyone interested in “leaked” footage of a 40-something-looking ex-Playmate making out with another chick and having pretend sex with a guy? Sure you are. Why are you running away?

In the clearly staged, clearly desperate viral video above, Carmen Electra is seen cavorting about with one chick and one dude in her own Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart moment. The biggest giveaway that this is fake is that there’s absolutely no nudity. Not even tits. This should be called Three Minutes and Fifteen Seconds of Frustration. This isn’t even realistic. Does anyone spray champagne around like that? Can someone like Carmen Electra even afford to be doing that? This would be more believable if afterward Carmen got a really worried what-have-I-done look in her eyes, fell to her knees and tried to lick as much it off the floor as possible.

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