Carrie Prejean screwed herself

Carrie Prejean asked for more than million dollars in her suit against the Miss California USA organization, claiming that they unfairly terminated her based on her religion. It sounded like things were going her way until pageant lawyers showed Carrie a sextape of herself.

Negotiations went downhill from here. After realizing there was a tape of her masturbating which could tarnish her holier-than-thou  image, TMZ reports that Carrie will basically get nothing. Pageant officials will pay her $100,000. Most of which will go to her lawyer and publicist.

Carrie could still be ahead if she released the tape. It’d be a big hit among her peers of priests, nuns and conservatives. What could go wrong?

  • Laura

    wow! She’s such a Hypocrite. Acting all “Holier than Thou”. I wonder who had that tape of her masterbating…

  • chewy

    that must have been uncomfortable to have that put on as evidence in the deposition. for the lawyers i mean..trying to hide their boners and all.

  • medin kraja

    i would love to watch her rubbing her clit into an eplosive frenzy

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