Céline Dion wasn’t really pregnant

Céline Dion’s husband, René Angélil, told the Journal de Montreal that the embryos they used for IVF actually didn’t take and that Celine wasn’t really pregnant after all. Céline isn’t giving up, however. She’s going to New York to try again.

“Dr. Zev Rosenwaks believed that the procedure/pregnancy took, but that wasn’t the case. We found out some days later. We were shocked,” said Angélil. They quickly tried again to get pregnant, but were unsuccessful, he added, “But you know Céline. She doesn’t let go.”

“I admire all the women who go through such a tough process. Since April, she has undergone numerous examinations, multiple hormone injections and blood tests,” Angélil told the paper, revealing the couple will go to New York this weekend for a third try. “Céline and I didn’t get discouraged … we put our faith in life and in the stars.”

That’s got to suck. Believing you were pregnant when all along the only thing you were filled with were cheap lies and false hope. It’s almost like when the restaurant told me there was cucumber in my egg salad sandwich and then later I found out there wasn’t. Yep, Céline Dion and I must have gone through the exact same range of emotions.

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11 years ago

It was a miscarriage, not that she was not pregnant!!! Good luck Celine and Rene.

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