Cindy Crawford almost extorted for $100,000 for pictures of her daughter bound and gagged

Former supermodel Cindy Crawford went to the cops after a creepy German model named Kayalar tried to extort $100,000 from her in exchange for pictures he had of Cindy’s 7-year-old daughter Kaia “in revealing clothing, bound to a chair and gagged.”

The photograph is said to be stolen from Crawford’s former nanny who had been dating Kayalar. The nanny claims it was taken during a game of cops and robbers.

Kayalar said he saw the picture once at her apartment, an FBI affidavit says. The nanny told him it was Crawford’s daughter and boasted, “Do you know how much this picture is worth?”

According to Kayalar, he took the photograph along with a hand-written note that said, “The babysitter went crazy & tied everyone up& they need your help! Please.” (It’s the note she would have used as part of the prank).

Initially, Kayalar claimed he was broke and asked for a reward for returning the photo. Naturally, Cindy told the cops and the they picked up Kayalar and sent him to immigration who threw him out of the country. It didn’t stop there though, Kayalar is now trying to blackmail Crawford again by threatening to sell the pictures to tabloids if $100,000 isn’t wired to his German bank account. No money has been wired and the FBI is still searching for him.

Wait. Let’s go back to the cops and robbers thing. Shouldn’t the cops be more concerned with the nanny? The description makes it sound like Kaia was bound and gagged in sexy lingerie. I mean, I’ve never played cops and robbers before, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how it goes. Unless it is. In which case, any sexy ladies want to play a game?

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