Eva Mendes knows she’s hot

Eva Mendes knows she looks rockin’ hot naked and doesn’t have a problem with showing herself off. As she tells Fox News

“I don’t allow myself to be typecast, but when I have to turn up the heat and turn up the sexuality and I do an amazing Calvin Klein campaign it’s very conscious, that’s no accident. It’s very methodical on my part. If I feel it’s appropriate to show some nudity in the scenes then I go for it. As much as I use my sexuality, I have never felt exploited. I feel like it’s on my terms and I have no problem with it.”

I don’t have a problem with it either. With Eva showing off her body, that is. Whenever I show off my body, people run and cry while punching themselves in their eyes. My self esteem says it’s because they’re jealous. My mom says it’s because I’m ugly.

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