Jon Gosselin throws a hissy fit

During an interview set to air on Entertainment Tonight, Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman argue over their relationship. Jon says he wants to let Hailey go for her own good so that she may experience life as a 22-year-old, but Hailey says that whenever she tries to leave, Jon cries. Jon probably didn’t want people knowing that.

“As hard as it is for us, he needs to go handle his stuff, be with his family and handle his divorce, and I need to go and be a 22-year-old and get my life back,” she says.

Jon says he has to let Hailey go “in order for her to be happy, especially if she thinks he has been “emotionally abusing her.”

Says Jon, “I cannot live with that guilt.”

At one point, Hailey shouts that she didn’t want to air their dirty laundry on national TV and Jon says he didn’t either, but that it’s too late now. That’s when he runs off like a little girl.

“I do love you, and you tell me you love me — we would love each other and we want to be with each other, but it’s not healthy!” Hailey responds.

“I’m not talking anymore,” says Jon.

Hailey then brings up Jon’s kids, telling him: “Don’t you want them to look up to you and say, ‘My daddy’s honest?'” Outraged, Jon fires back, “I’m not talking about this,” and then storms off.

Why is it that whenever there’s an interview with Jon, he always ends up in the role of the stereotypical woman? I swear, you’d think he never looked down and realized he has a penis. An ovary at a feminist rally has more testosterone than him.

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14 years ago

This guy, he said actions are louder than words, well those are pretty loud actions. The rabbi that is advising him used to have a show on TLC!!! Just when I think he is being quiet and trying to rebuild his family then he comes out like this he will never learn because once a douche bag always a douche bag