Jude Law is nice

Jude Law had the well thought out idea of moving to a place overlooked by NYU’s freshman dorm. Turns out it’s great for the leering students, not so much for Jude. One co-ed, Erica Rose, describes the joy of living next to a Jude Law, “We have the best view on the floor,” she said. “It is exciting to have a celebrity living right next to you. He is really attractive. He’s rugged and scruffy.” In return for their enthusiasm, Law, gracious as he is, even pauses his yoga sessions to welcome gawkers to the neighborhood with a barrage of oranges.

“He noticed we were there and we started waving at him. Then he went inside and came back with two oranges,” freshman Neha Najeeb told The Post. “He threw them at our window, but he missed.” Law then went back inside and returned with two additional oranges, she said.

“This time, he hit the windows — there was orange pulp on the glass for a week — and then he went back to working out,” she said. “Now we don’t like Jude Law anymore.”

As you know, oranges mean good luck in Asian cultures so the NYU students shouldn’t take being pelted with them as a threat. Jude is merely too far away to hand it to them in person. So continue spying on Jude with binoculars or long lenses equipped with night vision. He loves it.

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