Katie Holmes can’t keep her mouth shut

Katie Holmes pissed off an entire theater of hormonal teenage girls when she and her girlfriends talked incessantly throughout a screening of New Moon.

“Katie came into the movie theater with two of her girlfriends in a great mood,” sources tell Fox411. “They bought tickets in advance to see ‘New Moon’ like all the rest of the Twihards. They checked out the snacks and then they took their seats and kept talking.”

All that would have seemed rather normal, except for the fact that they kept on gabbing throughout the entire film!

“Katie talked through all of ‘New Moon.’ It was unbelievable – they talked nonstop about the movie and everything else. Some people wanted to tell them to be quiet, but when they realized who it was, they stayed silent. No one wanted to shush Katie.”

I hate it when people do this during movies. It pisses me off. Like, this one time I was watching Blue Crush and the family behind me kept on saying “ugh”, “don’t look, kids” or “put your pants on”. Suffice to say, I could barely maintain my erection much less finish masturbating.

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