Kim Kardashian was punched in the face

By a girl. For charity. Which automatically makes this story sexy. Kim Kardashian and her sister Rob both competed in a celebrity boxing match on Tuesday for the Dream Foundation. People were asked to bid on the privilege to punch them in the face.

Rob drew someone 35 lbs heavier* and suffered a concussion. To hear Kim tell the story, you’d think Chuck Lidell was sucker punching Rob in the face. Kim says Rob’s opponent got dirty and mercilessly punched him when his face mask fell and he dropped his hands. The NYDN says he crumpled from a bunch of jabs.

Kim, on the other hand, had a much easier fight. Relatively. She didn’t get ko’d, but did suffer a black eye (which doesn’t even look that bad).

“The event itself was absolutely insane!!” Kardashian wrote on her blog. “We literally had three days of training to prepare for the event and thought it would be a little bit of fun to raise money for one of our favorite charities. We didn’t expect what happened.”

When her 22-year-old bro was floored in a barrage of jabs in the first round, Kim reportedly jumped into his corner and demanded the bout be stopped, claiming the larger opponent was going too hard on him.

Kim updated her blog with:

We just found out that this guy that fought Rob was 35 lbs heavier than Rob and was a trained fighter! He was overheard saying that he just wanted to be on TV!! Rob could have gotten seriously hurt! It was totally unfair to Rob, who was just trying to do something positive for charity and this guy comes in all he cares about is looking like a tough bully on TV. Well now you just look like an idiot and a liar! I can’t believe the commission would allow a trained fighter to fight Rob!

Bwahaha. Everyone point and laugh at Rob. His sister had to come in and save him from the big bully. You might as well start putting lipstick on the guy and calling him Sally because at this point, his dignity has already been ripped from him.


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