Lady Gaga is an “extreme dresser”

Lady Gaga is in the December issue of Vogue where she tries really hard to be a unique snowflake. In her spread, shot by Annie Leibovitz and inspired by Hansel and Gretel, Gaga plays a witch dressed by Marc Jacobs. A tad inaccurate I might add as the real witch in that story was dressed by Donatella Versace.

Even before the shoot though, Gaga was try-hard, showing up to 4 Times Square wearing “a trailing white chiffon Galliano goddess gown with a Philip Treacy headdress that spelled VOGUE in clipped white feathers.” On the day of, she came “stark naked except for her white rubber raincoat and some very, very high heels!” Asked “What up wit dat?”, Gaga tells Vogue, “I’ve always been an outspoken and extreme dresser.”

Gaga isn’t lying. Just look at her when she performed only about four years ago at The Bitter End in January of ’06. Check out that eccentric outfit she’s wearing. White boots with spandex? That’s crazy!

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