Levi Johnston wants custody

Levi Johnston is suing for custody of his son, Tripp, and claims his biggest obstacle is Sarah Palin.  He somehow neglects to recognize his poor choice in a baby’s mom or  his naked poses for Playgirl as obstacles.  According to People, Johnston believes Palin’s powerful influence on his ex, Bristol, is preventing him from helping to raise his son. Still, he doesn’t find Palin the least bit intimidating.

“She has a big impact on what Bristol does and thinks. Bristol looks up to Sarah. I don’t know why they just don’t want me in his life.”

“She ain’t nothing. Just because she ran for vice president and was the governor of Alaska, doesn’t intimidate me. Sarah has no legal thing on Tripp, she’s just the grandmother.”

While I agree Sarah Palin is nothing, I’m perturbed by his casual use of Palin’s first name.  I had no idea they were on a first name basis.  This further proves that kids today are so disrespectful.  Your accomplishments don’t scare them and they don’t even appreciate the fame you’ve given them.  The least Levi could do is send Palin a laminated printout of his Playgirl spread with his autograph on his photoshopped penis. Trust me, Levi, “Sarah” and the judge presiding over your custody case will love it.  And if you could send a courtesy copy to me at The Blemish, that would be most agreeable.

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John Carpenter
John Carpenter
13 years ago

I have a better chance of getting custody of Tripp than he has.

Under the most marginal circumstances the court almost unfailingly will grant custody
to the mother.

What’s going on in Alaska that an attorney could so sabotage a client by leading him down a path that is a dead end street and which will likely leave Johnston worse off than when he was found?

13 years ago

Levi deserves the title of Father. He is showing backbone and is hanging in there to be present for his child. As a parent, he is entitled to joint custody. If Palin continues to bad mouth his character I sure hope the Judge will take that into consideration and put a restraining order on her speech.