Nick Hogan has learned

Driving back from a charity event for Keep It On The Track that teaches people to drive safely, Nick Hogan got into a minor accident in downtown LA last night. No one ended up brain dead and no report was taken so it sounds like last night was a big success.

God, who let this kid have a license again. He was racing through the streets and put a hole in his friend’s head and left him a vegetable for the rest of his life. Now he’s free to do it again. People should run if they even see Nick on a bicycle. There should be a retractable fist made of concrete and rebar installed in his steering wheel in place of an airbag and it’d be activated every time he sticks his key in. That way whenever he starts the car, he’ll be punched in the face real hard and it won’t stop until he turns off the ignition. If he’s as big of an idiot as I think he is, he won’t figure it out until the 23rd punch.

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