Oh snap

Josh Duhamel and his husband, Fergie, spent the weekend apart as a stripper’s allegations of sex and threats of lie detector tests plague their marriage. While Fergie spent Saturday night performing in Berlin, Josh spent the night at an unspecified woman’s apartment. I made that last part up. Josh was by a pool in Atlanta reading a script. I know what you’re thinking, my lie was way better. I won’t be upset if you run with it from hereon out.

Their temporary separation was only due to work obligations and Us Weekly reports Fergie will stay with her cheating husband.

“Fergie is standing by her man, despite claims by Atlanta exotic dancer Nicole Forrester, 34, that she had a one-night stand with the actor. Her lawyer tells Us Weekly that Forrester has passed a lie-detector test and is in possession of racy texts from the Transformers star that corroborate the affair.”

Generally women need proof of their husband’s betrayal before leaving them. Fergie doesn’t fall under this category because she’s not a woman.

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