Paris and Doug are moving

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt’s neighbors in Hollywood Hills hated how loud they were at night. It got to the point that they tried to stage an “intervention” by complaining to their reps, but it was too late. I wish that I could say “too late” meant a semi crashed through their bedroom while they were sleeping, but it really just means they’re moving.

Sources tell TMZ the couple’s neighbors reached out to Paris and Doug through their reps to voice their displeasure about the couple’s late night partying. But it was already too late …

By the time they made the calls, Doug had already made up his mind that he was leaving town anyway.

We’re told P and D plan on movin’ out very, very soon — no word on where they plan to go next.

Most of Hollywood should be in the grips of fear right now. Not knowing where Paris is going to settle her tainted vagina next is as nerve wracking as playing Russian roulette. This is like that movie Outbreak except the disease in this case is much worse and the threat much more real.

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11 years ago

I hope that perhaps they’re moving to the hottest depths of hell!…

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