Roman Polanski granted bail

Because $4.5 million far outweighs the fact that Roman Polanski raped (but not rape-raped) a 13-year-old girl 32 years ago, Swiss courts have approved his bail offer. He is to be released from prison and moved to a Swiss chalet where he’ll be electronically monitored.

The Swiss Justice Ministry will keep Polanski in jail until they decide whether or not to appeal the decision. They have 10 days to do so. The court still considers Polanski a high flight risk, but for that kind of money, they’d punch their own mothers in the stomach.

Sure, Polanski fled on the eve of his sentencing and has lived in exile like a king for the past three decades, but I think he’s changed. No way he’ll take off his electronic monitor and run again. I mean, jail is not much different than the mansions he’s used to. The only difference is the butler’s beat you with batons and your house guests like to corner and rape you.

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