Tracy Morgan is controversial

At a Friday night performance at Carnegie Hall, Tracy Morgan’s set caused many to leave the venue shaking their jowls in disgust. They were expecting the whimsical Morgan on 30 Rock that they’ve all come to love. What they got were less jokes about computers plotting his demise and more about homosexuality and sex acts. NYDN says,

“People seemed to not be laughing at his jokes, but more because they were shocked and appalled with what was coming out of his mouth,” reports one audience member. Morgan talked trash about homosexuality (saying it’s “a choice,” which drew gasps), drugs, pornography and what he calls “politricks” — far edgier subjects than what his alter ego, Jordan, gets air time for.

“There was a continuous flow of people getting up and leaving throughout the show,” our spy reports, adding that many in the crowd clearly didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. Middle-aged women were the most flabbergasted when he started mimicking explicit sex acts on stage.

Some of the controversial jabs he made included a set about the First Family.

“Obama is really changing the White House, because he and Michelle will have the first presidential sex tape out,” he said to a stunned crowd.

Morgan did better at his second try on politics, saying he wouldn’t vote for Mayor Bloomberg because all he does is go to Yankee games — a gag that seemed to at least draw a hoot from the crowd.

Today’s society is humorless. It’s come to the point that people are offended by the smallest of things. A joke about pickles could set off a million man march in Washington. Comedians like Richard Pryor would have been a leper if he did his routine today. That’s not to say Tracy Morgan is comparable to Richard Pryor by any stretch of the imagination. Just that people should quit causing trouble and go back to playing their hacky sack or whatever it is whiny hippies do in their spare time besides complain about things that they think offend other people.

[Midtown, NYC, August 26. Image via Splash News]

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12 years ago

Yes, the hippies gotz 2 go!
How can what you say be so serious when you are a comedian. I can’t understand it. Go Tracy go Tracy!

Mr. OtherwayAround
Mr. OtherwayAround
12 years ago

Tracy Morgan isn’t funny at all to me, he has never been funny to me, ignorance isn’t laughable in my book. He’s a modern day coon full of buffoonery.It amuses me when mainly black comedians who have no quality material always resorting to bashing gays or saying the “N-word” every other second, or saying something sexual and perverted to get a reaction, today intelligence is picking up and it’s rejecting little small fat-boys like Tracy Morgan, who’s 15 minutes of fame should be about up. Your jokes are corny and you look like you stink you little fat punk. Now… Read more »

The Rev.
The Rev.
12 years ago


12 years ago

Mr. Otherwayaround sounds like he has some illogical deep-rooted hate for someone he doesn’t even know. “I’ll love to kick you in the throat and in the sternum”? And “the Rev” co-signs that? I hope you’re not really a Reverand..even tho I wouldn’t be surprised if you were. Tracy has been famous since he was on Uptown Comedy Club in the early 90’s, Martin, Saturday Night Live, I don’t know where you got 15 minutes of fame from. He actually was a lot funnier back then before white people and uptight black people such as Mr. Otherwayaround and The… Read more »
10 years ago

I can recall the two times he was funny and both were on SNL 10 years ago: playing as Tiger Woods’ dad, and Star Jones. Let’s face it he isn’t funny especially with the comedians out there today, he just comes off as ignorant. The reason why his anti-gay rant drew so much heat was because of just that: it was a rant. There really was nothing funny about it. Morgan seems to be missing the fundamentals of comedy which are timing, delivery, and actual jokes. Once his contract with 30 Rock is over I really hope he goes away… Read more »

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