Amy Winehouse kicked some guy in the groin

If The Sun is to be believed, Amy Winehouse showed up to a theatrical production of Cinderella high, drunk or both. And since this is Amy Winehouse we’re talking about, she heckled the actors with comments such as “He’s fucking behind you,” “F**k Cinders, Prince Charming, marry me,” and called the ugly step-sisters “bitches.”

When the theatre manager tried to get Amy to a private box during intermission, Amy refused and resorted to pulling his hair, punching him in the face and finishing it off with a kick to the nuts. I’d do the same thing if some guy told me I had to go to a private box when I clearly paid good money for those seats in row 75.

You shouldn’t really blame Amy for this though. Her behavior is expected. Blame the guy who invited her to impress all his friends.

“Anthony brought Amy to impress the cast with his showbiz connections. But it backfired badly.”

The source added Amy was “like a demonic child” and made kids in the 1,400-strong audience cry.

I’d think by now all of London would have banned Amy from going into their businesses. It should be like the Old West where every establishment has a police sketch of Amy Winehouse’s face on their bulletin board with the words “Wanted: Dead or Alive” written underneath. Then they should have a guy in a tipped cowboy hat and trench coat sitting in a rocking chair out front with one of those sheriff badges pinned to his shirt and when Amy tries to come in, he’ll press his shotgun in Amy’s fake tits and say, “Listen up, little missy. You’re not welcome here,” and then fire a shot into the air causing Amy to scamper away cackling like a mad whore.

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13 years ago

Reading this made me smile, and brought back a few memories! I was a roadie with her for quite a while, and I reckon I’ve seen Amy kick, knee, and punch at least a dozen guys in the balls over the years! I remember one time a persistant fan pestered her after a gig; she grabbed him by the balls and reduced him to a whimpering wreck on the ground before finally letting him go! She is an expert and merciless ballbuster, and my advice to any guy is go nowhere near her, especially when she’s high!