AT&T drops Tiger Woods

AT&T has joined Accenture and Gillette to become the third sponsor to drop Tiger Woods as their spokesperson. AT&T didn’t give a formal reason, only saying “We are ending our sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods and wish him well in the future.”

Tag Heuer will also drop Woods from American ad campaigns this month while Nike and Gatorade, which have not run ads featuring Woods since November 29, say they  haven’t dropped him, but Gatorade is no longer producing Tiger Focus drinks. Gatorade claims the decision was made before the news broke that Elin beat the crap out of him. Tiger Woods Golf publisher Electronic Arts said they’ll stick with Woods.

When all is said and done, Tiger Woods may be losing more than $110 million in endorsements a year. On the bright side, he did get laid so it wasn’t a total wash.

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