Blake Lilvey seems fun

Blake Lively is hot, but she’s still trying to get that acting thing down. Luckily, a good way to perfect her craft is to star in a film with Julianne Moore, Robin Wright and Maria Bello where she plays a subservient girl leashed up and asked to purr. Which is what she did for the role of Young Pippa for The Private Lives of Pippa Lee. Lively told PopTarts:

“It was an odd thing to do but really funny. There was a point when I was crawling on all fours and Julianne was like ‘purr for me’ and I thought ‘what am I doing with my life? I’ve finally got the most respectable job of my career yet I’m being leashed up and asked to purr,’” Lively told Tarts. “But Julianne is such a wonderful, kind and happy person so that made it easy to feel safe crawling around leashed up.”

Sure. When Blake Lively is filmed leashed up and on all fours being asked to purr, it’s a respectable job, but when I do it it’s “weird” and “unseemly” and I “shouldn’t be doing that in a court of law”. Gosh, why are you so judgy, judge?

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11 years ago

this girl has the weirdest looking bolt-ons i’ve ever seen. No doubt are those fake.

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